Cardano will “ascend to the best cryptocurrency in the world,” says Creator Charles Hoskinson

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In 2020, Cardano will “ascend to the best cryptocurrency in the world,” said Cardano founder Charles Hoskison in his latest video where he shared his views of what is to come.

According to him, “There really is going to be nothing on the market that’s as good as what we’re delivering this year. Because at the end of the day we have it all.”

Hoskinson, who is also the co-creator of Ethereum believes Cardano will emerge as the winner given all the “amazing achievements” it has made. From a loading system, identity standard, multi-asset standard, to smart contract system, clear interoperability, and scalability, they will have all on its platform.

Also, “we’re going to be best in class” in traders, investors, developers, to those who govern the platform, said Hoskinson adding, “that’s what we’re delivering, and that’s what we’re committed to delivering throughout 2020.”

But as he has emphasized in the past, it won’t happen automatically rather it is an “ecosystem play” that requires Emergo and Cardano Foundation to step up which is exactly the reason why “they were funded for and why they exist,” he said.

“We are delivering the best Cryptocurrency, period!”

The CEO of IOHK then took to Twitter to clarify that it doesn’t mean in any way that he is leaving Cardano or the Foundation. He was just sharing the commitments that they will be delivered before bidding for the next contract.

“We are delivering the best Cryptocurrency period,” said Hoskinson.

He further explained that the whole point of the Voltaire phase is to “put the community in charge of the future direction.” As per its website, this era will provide the final touches to make the Cardano network a self-sustaining system. It will also introduce voting and treasury systems to involve the community in the system and work towards decentralization.

The 12th largest cryptocurrency by market cap needs a decentralized leadership for which Hoskinson said, the community has to launch thousands of ships so that the network can reach its “highest level.”

“We are going to bid out another 3-5 years with a huge scope at the end of the Year. We will stay if the community wants us to stay. We will leave if they don’t want us there anymore and decide to move in a different direction. This is the entire point of decentralization,” Hoskinson said.

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