How To Get Free Bitcoins With Rollercoin

Rollercoin is one of the funniest Bitcoin faucet available on the market. Rollercoin is about playing small flash games, and rewards you with “mining speed” which gives you Bitcoins every two minutes approx. In addition, you can buy mining equipment in the game, which will subsequently give you more Bitcoins every two minutes. However, it requires, for example, to pay a minimum of 4696 Satoshis, for 1160gh/s in the game.

It doesn’t sound like much, nor is it, but the more you play, while buying equipment for what you earn through the game. Then you have the opportunity to get built up, thereby achieving a fine stable passive income. It requires dedication, but it is possible.

Rollercoin is relatively new, and they pay out every time you have at least 0.0001 Bitcoins.