iOWN Token is now listed on LATOKEN and P2PB2B exchange platforms.

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iOWN Token is now listed on LATOKEN and P2PB2B exchange platforms. Both platforms are the first of many high-volume exchanges to list iOWN Token. iOWN tokens is your method of contributing to campaigns on iOWNX investment platform.

iOWN token (iOWN) is available in two trading pairs on LATOKEN: iOWN / ETH, & iOWN / USDT. And three pairs on P2PB2B: iOWN / ETH, iOWN / USDT & iOWN / USD.

The two major exchange platforms also provide a direct purchase facility of cryptocurrencies via Mastercard and Visa.

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-20 Cryptocurrency exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens.

P2PB2B is an EU licensed exchange, listed in the top 10 on CoinMarketCap. P2PB2B is a market leader in security and customer satisfaction, and has been in the market since 2014.

About iOWNX Platform

iOWNX is a Blockchain-based Investment Platform launched to bridge the gaps between Investors and Businesses seeking funding. iOWNX provides easy access for people to be part of any trusted running business (or promising startup) with minimum effort and maximum value.

Blockchain technology and Crowd-Investing, two terms that have changed the economy of the world as we know it. On one hand, we have blockchain technology, which has enabled the creation of decentralized financial infrastructure that provides more privacy, security, transparency, and efficiency than any other traditional financial system. On the other hand, the phenomenon of Crowd-Investing has enabled small, promising ideas to turn into great projects and businesses by providing easier means of funds to those who are leading the world in terms of innovation.

iOWNX addresses the issues related to the access to liquidity. Businesses intend to expand thus require money to fund their plans, however, they encounter stringent procedures, financial cost implications and constraints that hinder realizing their goals. It shall also provide ease of access for people to be part of any trusted business or a promising startup with minimum effort and maximum comfort. iOWNX provides a platform to help convert smart ideas to real businesses; it provides a digital platform that may support businesses in expanding and growing their businesses and share their success with others.

iOWN launched its iOWNX wallet several months ago to enable its users to store their iOWN tokens in one safe encrypted place. iOWNX platform is ready to be launched, with the beta version being tested and in the development phase; the platform will integrate iOWNX wallet for a user-friendly experience, where the user can browse the market place, invest in exciting businesses and track their financial progress all on a single platform.

For news and major announcements from iOWN, kindly follow us on Twitter and on Telegram.

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iOWN Token is now listed on LATOKEN and P2PB2B exchange platforms.

iOWN Token is now listed on LATOKEN and P2PB2B exchange platforms. Both platforms are the first of many high-volume exchanges to list...

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