SmartMixer is Making Bitcoin Mixing Easier for a New Generation of Users

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SmartMixer is Making Bitcoin Mixing Easier for a New Generation of Users is a new bitcoin mixing service especially geared toward privacy-minded individuals, making the most of technology in 2019 to provide anonymity for cryptocurrency users. It is now possible to disguise the origins of bitcoin safely, securely, and with the click of a few buttons. Bitcoin mixing – sometimes known as “tumbling” – is an important security practice for those interested in truly retaining the anonymity of their bitcoin holdings and usage. Recently, SmartMixer enabled mixing services for other coins as well, including Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with plans to roll out an Ethereum (ETH) mixing service in the near future.

Why Bitcoin Mixing Services are Essential

A common misconception among the general public about bitcoin is that it is anonymous and cannot be traced back to its holder or user. The nature of how the blockchain operates makes this simply untrue, as bitcoin transactions can be tracked quite easily. This means that once a bitcoin address is exposed to somebody, that person can then access information about the address owner, including the addresses from which their bitcoin came, their current bitcoin balance, and what addresses they send bitcoin to in the future. This poses a potential security risk to the address owner, depending on who has access to this information. Mixing services like SmartMixer are therefore essential for preventing the leak of information about a bitcoin user’s address.

SmartMixer accomplishes this through a few different methods. The first method is known as the “Standard Pool” method, in which a user’s coins are mixed with other users who have selected the same option. The second method is the “Smart Pool,” which combines coins from Standard Pool users with private coins from SmartMixer’s own reserves as well as their investors. The most advanced method is known as the “Stealth Pool,” which mixes user coins with coins only from SmartMixer’s reserves and their investors (no coins from other users).

How Your Anonymity is Protected

SmartMixer only keeps records of each customer transaction for as long as is technically necessary for the mixing process to occur. After a transaction is completed, all records are wiped from their servers, gone within 24 hours. Clients can even choose to have records deleted sooner upon their request. For a greater degree of anonymity and protection, SmartMixer can also be accessed through Tor hidden services, as the Tor browser masks the actual IP address of a website’s visitor, meaning it is impossible for anybody to determine who is actually visiting the website.

In addition, the SmartMixer customer experience is wholly customizable, meaning users can set the fee they wish to pay, the number of receiving addresses to be used, as well as the length of time desired before coins arrive at each address. These features help make SmartMixer one of the most competitive and advanced cryptocurrency mixing services currently available today, perfect for both novice and advanced users, with coin balances big or small. If somebody truly values privacy when it comes to information about their cryptocurrency holdings and/or activity, there is little reason not to use a coin mixing service like SmartMixer.

For more information on how to mix cryptocurrency at SmartMixer, access SmartMixer through Tor, or take part in their generous referral program, visit their official website at

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