The Need for Open-source Blockchain-Based Police Bodycams

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Here again, emerges another issue. If you have access to the algorithms, you can alter the bodycam contents easily. Remember, the algorithms can be hacked, or the authorities can demand them. Therefore, this scenario can be classified as a trust-based model with one point of failure. 

History has demonstrated that trust-based models can and have been frequently overpowered. Previously, there was no other option until the invention of bitcoin in 2009. Blockchain technology ensures the integrity of data by operating transparently. 

In an article published on December 9, 2019, Jordan Mack- a seasoned developer- demonstrates how to design a proof of concept blockchain bodycam easily and cost-effectively. This concept is not theoretical; it can be embraced today. 

Even with blockchain technology, there are still two major issues:

  • Software transparency
  • Expenses

Some bodycams cost up to $2000 per camera, placing a considerable burden on law enforcement departments, which are already short of money. Extra costs and recurring costs have made some law enforcement bodies to abandon the use of bodycams. 

Open-source can solve these two problems. The open-source software is fundamentally transparent and creates quality codes at a cheaper cost. This will bring more adoption globally, especially in developing countries. 

An open-source blockchain bodycam is a revolutionary invention that can assist redeem the image of the justice system by reducing trust and removing central points of failure in a cost-effective and transparent way. 

Apart from police bodycams, the open-source software can still be used in several other security gadgets:

  • Security cameras.
  • Vehicle dash cameras.
  • Vehicle black boxes.

Generally, in any industry where data integrity is essential, blockchain technology can play an integral role in offering unconditional provability in an utterly open and transparent manner. 

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